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I.T. Magic Acceptable Use Policy

Copyright © 2021 I.T. Magic (UK) Limited. All rights reserved.

This Acceptable Use Policy forms part of the General terms and Conditions and Product Specific Terms and Conditions for all products and services supplied by I.T. Magic. All Customers using the I.T. Magic Services or Products must comply with this Acceptable Use Policy and must not undertake any action which is considered Unacceptable Use.


“AUP” means Acceptable Use Policy and this agreement.
“Customer” means the individual, group of individuals, company or partnership who receive the services from I.T. Magic.
“Service Disruption” means any disruption of the service caused by hardware failure, network failure, however caused and any disruption caused by routine maintenance carried out by I.T. Magic or its Appointed Representative for whatever reason.

“I.T. Magic” means I.T. Magic Limited.
“Business Address” means Willow Brook House, Rope Yard, Wootton Bassett, Swindon, SN4 7BW. Telephone 01793 840777.

“Unacceptable Use” means any action that is in breach of this AUP.

  1. Objective of the AUP

    The objective of the AUP is to:
    • encourage the responsible use of the Internet and to discourage practices which detract from the positive experiences of using the Internet.
    • protect the privacy and security of individuals who use the Internet.
    • maintain the integrity of the I.T. Magic systems and the reputation of I.T. Magic.

  2. Unacceptable Use

    Unacceptable use is any use that the reasonable user of the Internet would find not acceptable and includes but is not limited to the following;
    • sending or knowingly receiving, uploading or downloading any materials which are defamatory, offensive, obscene, menacing, nuisance, or sending any unsolicited messages or hoax calls;
    • transmitting any material which may cause harm or inconvenience to I.T. Magic and/or any third party;
      c. using the Internet Service fraudulently or in connection with a criminal offence;
    • sending or knowingly receiving, uploading or downloading any materials which infringe the rights of another person (for example, copyright or rights to confidentiality);
    • using the Internet Service in a manner which, in I.T. Magic opinion, makes abnormal demands on the network from a single connection or amounts to unreasonably excessive use of the Internet Service.
    • Carrying out denial of service attacks.
    • purporting to assign, transfer or sub-let access to the I.T. Magic Service.
    • any action which contravenes the acceptable use policies of any other group of users of the Internet.
    • publishing, displaying, transmitting or adverting material, which is defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene or pornographic.
    • Placing in any web space material, which is protected by any country or state relating to national or state security, copyright, confidentiality or intellectual property.

  3. Effect of a failure to comply with the AUP

    The failure by Customers to comply with the AUP may burden the network and or lead to service interruptions due to blacklisting. I.T. Magic provide the Internet Service with reasonable care and skill but I.T. Magic does not guarantee that it will be uninterrupted or error free, or that the Customer will be able to access the internet via the Internet Service at all times as I.T. Magic has no control over the action of its Customers. I.T. Magic encourages all of its Customers to act as responsible Internet citizens at all times and to follow all Internet usage guidelines that are generally accepted by the Internet community.

  4. Consequence of a failure to comply with the AUP

    The Customer’s failure to comply with Clause (2) may entitle I.T. Magic to terminate the contract or suspend the Services in accordance with Clause 4 of the I.T. Magic General Terms and Conditions. The Customer is responsible for the consequences of any claim made against I.T. Magic as a result of a breach by the Customer of Clause (2) above. If I.T. Magic terminates access as a result of abuse, I.T. Magic will not refund any subscription fees. I.T. Magic will not accept any liability for any loss of business, revenue, profits, data or any consequential loss, either direct or indirect as a result of any action taken by I.T. Magic due to the breach of the AUP by the Customer.

  5. Amendments to the AUP

    I.T. Magic reserve the right to amend the AUP as necessary as a result of the continually evolving environment of the Internet. The continued use by the Customer of the I.T. Magic services constitutes acceptance of the AUP.

  6. Examples of unacceptable Use

    The following are examples of unacceptable use, but not an exhaustive list:
    • Hacking.
    • Multiple posting of messages.
    • The breach of copyright
    • The infringement of intellectual property rights.
    • Denial of service.
    • Maintaining an open relay.
    • Unsolicited bulk mailing.
    • Unsolicited emailing.
    • Header forgery.

  7. Reporting unacceptable use

    Any unacceptable use should be reported to I.T. Magic abuse department at the I.T. Magic Business Address.

12 June 2009. E&OE

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